Life so far

A little about me:

In addition to being a singer, I’m also a yoga enthusiast and amateur photographer (almost all the photos posted on this blog were taken by me!). I’m not obsessive-compulsive, but I like it when things are color-coordinated and consistent. I don’t like milk unless it’s in the form of a latte, and I love drinking boba/pearl milk tea.

I grew up in California, where my parents and brother still live. They are all musical (everyone either plays an instrument or sings), but I’m the first one in the family to pursue music professionally. Although they don’t know the industry very well, they are incredibly supportive and encouraging.

My wonderful boyfriend is a baritone. Yes, we met in a summer program. I dislike always referring to him as “my boyfriend” — he’s his own person!– so you may see him show up as Baritone Boy (alliteration ain’t always awful). He’s my better half in many ways, and he’s also a source of support and inspiration.

September 2014

What a difference 12 months make! Last year I arrived in NYC with no job, no puppy, and no confidence in navigating the subway system. Now, my job keeps me more than busy, as does Dante the Yorkie, and I only get on the wrong subway train about once a month.

The past few months have been a wonderful time of self-discovery and vocal progress. I traveled, caught-up with old friends, made new ones, performed, indulged in some French Baroque, sang with orchestra, debuted a role, and mulled over feedback and new ideas. All in all, it was a very successful and satisfying summer.


Fall is here – I’m layering on the sweaters, contemplating scarves, and pulling out the closed-toe shoes.

Application/audition season is underway – I’m sending emails, submitting resumes and headshots, and I’ve sung three auditions in the past two weekends. Hopefully, more is to come.

I have one more performance scheduled for this year, with a few potentials floating in the air as well. I’m excited to wrap this year up and see what’s to come next!



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