Enjoying Fall in NYC

If there’s one season I’ve consistently written off, it’s Fall. With its dull browns and gloomy grays, Fall is unremarkable and pales in comparison to the two seasons it is awkwardly sandwiched between, seasons that are a lot more fun.


Dante in one of his sweaters. Fort Tryon Park. NYC, 2014.

At least that was the opinion I had before I moved to NYC, before I experienced the humid stuffiness of Summer and the biting, slippery danger of Winter. Now my eyes are opened and I celebrate this fantastic opportunity to wear boots and sweaters (and to dress Dante up) without my fingers and toes freezing off. The change in weather seemed to happen overnight — one day we were strolling along in short-sleeves and sandals, and the next morning the sidewalks were filled with hats, scarves, and long coats.

This past weekend Dante and I took a walk through Fort Tryon Park, one of my favorite places in NYC. I was expecting the autumn foliage to be unremarkable and disappointing, but as we made our usual circuit through the park I found myself enjoying unexpected pops of color, patterns, and textures. It was the perfect compliment to my changing opinion about Fall and how I feel about the Thanksgiving holiday.


Linden Terrace, Fort Tryon Park. NYC, 2014.

Hearty vines are still climbing the trees and walls:


Dante enjoyed sniffing the autumn scents and playing in crunchy leaves:


I found a little cluster of flowers hanging on valiantly:


We came across festive red berries:


And rich purple ones:


And we admired an abstract painting of peeling bark in contrasting colors:


Instead of rushing, we meandered, explored, and played. Although this is my second Fall in NYC, it feels like my first because of all the little details I’m noticing now. Fall in New York isn’t quite as flashy and exciting as Winter in New York, but it has its charm. Despite being busy over the next few weeks, I hope to find more opportunities to enjoy it before Winter officially arrives!


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