The Holds-Everything, Goes-With-Everything Fall Satchel for Singers

Being a singer is hard work. One of my biggest peeves about singing is the amount of stuff we have to lug around. Whenever I see someone strolling around with a cute little purse, I get a bit envious. Singers rarely, if ever, get to indulge in small handbags. At minimum, we need water and our music – neither of which would fit into a clutch or cross-body. I’ll bring out the old backpack on occasion, but most days I prefer an easy-to-use and easy-on-the-eyes handbag. Here’s my Fall discovery, a satchel that has become my go-to:


Hanging out at the Lincoln Center Atrium. NYC, 2014.

The structure and detailing give this satchel a dressed-up feeling, but the black and brown color combination – versatile and classic – keeps it from getting stuffy.

The front of the body has a zippered outside pocket, which is a nice bonus, and I love the playfulness of the tassel. There’s just enough gold hardware to catch the light without being distracting, and the square links attaching the handles to the body are both fun and functional. I’m not sure if this metal link is a newer trend or if it’s always been popular, but I think it helps redistribute weight. I’ve had an expensive designer tote rip on me before (you’ll see why ripping is a concern for me a bit further down in this post), so the weight redistribution and extra reinforcement are most welcome. There’s also a detachable strap to wear across the body or over the shoulder.


Dante eyes the satchel. NYC, 2014.

The top zips closed, a feature that has become non-negotiable for me now that I live in the big, bad, crowded City. Inside, there’s another zip pocket and the standard two slot pockets. I love the lining – a classic grey herringbone that offers a bit of pattern.


A look inside. NYC, 2014.

Here’s what Dante and I were able to comfortably fit inside:


A singer’s tools of the trade. NYC, 2014.

A Bärenreiter (Idomeneo), a binder full of music, two CD’s from the library (The Rival Queens – Handel Arias and Duets and Orfeo ed Euridice), a wallet, a candy/pill case, a checkbook, an iPad mini, one pencil, one pen, one lipcolor (for auditions/performances), one eraser, keys, a card case, a water bottle. There was still room for my phone and a light scarf (another singer necessity, which I never leave home without).


All packed and with room to spare. NYC, 2014.

I’ve used this bag everywhere around town, for work, errands, lessons, rehearsals, auditions. I even took it with me to the performance of Cendrillon, stuffing my dress and heels into it, along with my score. This Steve Madden satchel is really quite impressive. It holds everything. It goes with everything. The cherry on top? It was just $40 at TJ Maxx.



4 responses to “The Holds-Everything, Goes-With-Everything Fall Satchel for Singers

  1. A very fine satchel, Joyce, but I don’t think your dog would thrive in it. Bill

  2. The only thing it can’t fit is Dante himself!

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