Life so far update (August 17, 2013)

August 2013

I completed my Master’s in Opera Performance and moved to NYC where my boyfriend lives and where the auditions are. We have a Yorkshire Terrier named Dante, after the great author of the Divine Comedy who briefly mentions a man named Gianni Schicchi — Gianni Schicchi being the first opera Baritone Boy and I sang in together.

I’m figuring out how to potty train a puppy, how to navigate the subway system, and how to stand out from the 1,284,927,492 other sopranos in town (fine, I made that number up … but it’s not that much of an exaggeration). I’d like to figure out how to break into the oratorio and Early Music scene, and in addition to auditioning a bit around town, I want to come up with projects of my own to put on and give myself and others a chance to perform. All this while working full-time, practicing, improving my piano skills, (hopefully) learning Deutsch, and doing some more cooking at home. Wish me luck. And feel free to share any advice or suggestions.

5 responses to “Life so far update (August 17, 2013)

  1. Well, Joyce, I read the Divine Comedy in its entirety when I was in college, and I don’t remember a character named Gianni Schicchi. Do you know whether he was encountered in Inferno, Purgatorio, or Paradiso? As for the opera by Giacomo Pucchini of that name, I love it and I wish I had heard you sing in it. Bill

    • Hi Bill, I believe Schicchi is encountered in Inferno. I love how, in his closing “monologue,” Schicchi asks the audience to pardon him for this behavior that landed him in Inferno, if Dante will allow it:

      “Ditemi voi, signori, se i quattrini di Buoso potevan finir meglio di così? Per questa bizzarria m’han cacciato all’inferno… e così sia; ma con licenza del gran padre Dante, se stasera vì siete divertiti, concedetemi voi … l’attenuante!”

      • Thank you, Joyce. I’m going to my translations of Inferno as soon as I get a chance in quest of Gianni Schicchi. Bill

      • According to Regina Opera’s page for Gianni Schicchi, you can find him in Canto XXX, lines 22-44. I hope he’s there when you look him up! 🙂

      • Hi Joyce,
        I found the soul of Gianni Schicchi in deep hell (Circle 8, Bolgia 10) in the ditch reserved by Dante for the falsifiers, those souls who in life engaged in counterfeiting and alchemy, bore false witness, or impersonated others with evil intent. Thanks for giving me the reference. I hope your performance last Saturday with the New York Lyric Opera went well.

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