First living-in-NYC-now job: NYU

Great great great news: I interviewed at NYU and was offered a full-time position as an Academic Advisor at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. I start in September!

I saw the job posting while I was still in Arizona but didn’t apply since it was going to be months before I would actually move and be available to interview. When I got to NYC and saw the position was still open, I submitted my application right away. They called me for an interview the very next day, and it turns out this was their last week of interview — incredible timing! And what a relief because this turned out to be the only response I got from all the resumes I sent out.

My job search was only about two weeks long, but it felt like two months. Baritone Boy can attest to the dark pit of melancholy and despair I descended into via checking job boards, writing cover letters, adjusting resumes, and obsessively checking my email. Two weeks is really not very long — in hindsight, I’m actually kind of impressed at how quickly it all happened — but I’d been worrying about defeat at the hands of NYC for months before I even moved. 

Moving to NYC without a financial/career/practical plan was somewhat out-of-character for me (I blame Baritone Boy’s incredible boyfriend skills for enticing and convincing me to do it), and anyone who asked me about my moving plans undoubtedly saw the panic in my eyes as I answered them.

There were quite a few times when, after arriving in NYC, I would look at my boyfriend and say, “I’m so happy,” — which I was since we were finally together after almost a year of long-distance — and then add on, “but I need a job.” I know happiness should come from within, but I’m such a practical girl that I haven’t been able to shake my need for a not-soul-sucking-decently-paying job.

When I got the phone call from NYU, I was ecstatic; I wasn’t going to starve/be homeless/give up and move home but without any of my belongings because I couldn’t afford to ship it all back to the West Coast! VICTORY!!

I’ll be able to pay my bills and I’ll have health insurance, two things I was extremely worried about. Of course, the challenge will now be to stay committed to singing while working full-time. I haven’t started working yet, but I’ve already had a somewhat heart-breaking experience: I had the opportunity to audition for a professional choir here in NYC, but I had to decline because they rehearse in the mornings and afternoons during the workweek. At that moment, I wished I didn’t have this amazing job holding me back…

Then I shook my head at myself and told myself to stop being so dramatic.

There will be other auditions (too many, actually) and other ways for me to keep singing. Living in a city full of music and singers and living with a singer will help me keep it a priority.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and it seems my past experience in education and advising helped to prepare me for my first post-ASU, post-MM, I’m-in-NYC-now job. Like I said, the timing was impeccable. I’m very excited to be part of such an amazing school and doing work I can take pride and satisfaction in. This is a day job that won’t crush my spirit and will also provide some measure of stability as I see where singing might take me over the next few years.

Thank you to all who offered suggestions and support throughout my move and job search! This includes my family, and especially my mom and Baritone Boy who were so much more confident about me getting this job than I was, as well as friends who told me it was going to be okay when I looked at them with panic-y eyes, and the friends who offered to pass along my resume and inquire within their own networks for job opportunities. Thank you, everyone!

Oh yes, it's official! NYC, 2013.

Oh yes, it’s official! NYC, 2013.

2 responses to “First living-in-NYC-now job: NYU

  1. I enjoyed reading your account, with all of its details, Joyce. Bill

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