Launching “Ask/Suggest”

I was never great at keeping a diary, though I’ve tried many times. There is something so noble about regularly recording thoughts and events by hand, an old-fashioned practice that suggested discipline and eloquence. Back in the day, people really had nicer penmanship, better grammar, and more interesting vocabulary; when I stumble upon my old diaries and read my entries, I cringe at my messy scribbling and the silly drama that once seemed diary-worthy.

Since I’m not good with diaries, it makes sense that this blog is less a diary for me than it is a place for documenting discoveries and trying to put into words what music does to me and for me. It is a lot of fun to tinker with the layout and say what’s on my mind, but my loftier goal is for the content to be interesting, informative, and maybe even inspiring for singers and non-singers alike.

To make this blog more interactive and responsive and not just a one-way outlet for me, I added a new section: Ask/Suggest. This is where you — my readers, family, friends, strangers, curious visitors — can drive the content by asking a question or suggesting a topic. If it’s something I have had experience with, great! If not, it’ll be a learning opportunity for everyone! It’s a win-win-win situation. One reader has posted a question already, asking about the benefits/impact of yoga on singing. Which brave, inquisitive, resourceful soul is next?

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