It’s been a while since my last post, but don’t worry! lack of posting does not mean I have fallen off the singing wagon.  It was a very busy, very productive semester: I learned a lot of music, and better yet, I feel my technique improving each week.  When I say I feel it, I literally mean that it physically feels different.  Things are resonating in different places around and through my passaggio, and my [a] vowel is getting more consistent!  It used to take a long time for my voice to feel ready to sing (warming up 4 hours in advance), but that amount of time has steadily been decreasing as I’ve built a routine of vocalizes to warm up with.

School ended a few weeks ago. I thought I’d have more free time, but somehow I’ve ended up with a schedule that’s busier than anticipated.  Aside from learning music for BASOTI, I’m working part-time, practicing pretty much every day, spending more time with friends, going to yoga, and trying to get back into salsa dancing.

Must run off to work now.  Here’s to an action-packed summer, and I’ll post soon about The Telephone, Lakmé, cover studying Amore in Orfeo ed Euridice, and the music I’m working on!


7 responses to “Overdue

  1. pinustorreyana

    Hope all went well with your performance of Bastienne.

  2. pinustorreyana

    Hi Joyce, Here’s to your success, summer of ’12.

  3. when do you come for BASOTI??

    • I’ll be in SF June 23 and all through July! BASOTI will keep me busy, but I should have a few free days right before and right after the program so we can get together! 😀

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