No more playing hooky; time to be a soprano again

Guilty, guilt as charged!  Yesterday was the first time I sang classical music since BASOTI ended last Saturday.

  • Sunday: Spent the entire day with my family
  • Monday: Drove to San Diego, CA
  • Tuesday: Drove to Tempe/Mesa, AZ
  • Wednesday: Apartment hunting, navigating through completely new neighborhoods, and feeling like a tourist
  • Thursday: More apartment hunting and hanging out with my brother, who made the drive down with me to help me adjust to non-California life
  • Friday:  Sang through “Adieu, notre petite table” and started “Ach, ich fühl’s.” Things felt a little rusty at first, but that might have been the milk and cheese from breakfast doing their best to gunk up my system.
  • Today: Started the day by watching lots of youtube to get new ideas and to get pumped!  Warmed up to an F6 and worked on “Se il padre perdei” because I still hate the scale up to G5 followed by three staccato G’s.

I realized that I lived the past week as a graduate student, a California transplant, a sister, and a homeless person trying to rectify the problem, but I did not uphold my commitment to living each day as a soprano.  Yes, I was busy traveling down the coast and into a new state, I had to find a place to live, and I wanted to spend time with my brother because I only saw him 3-4 times a year the past few years … but I should have managed all these activities a little better rather than letting five days go by without practicing.

I have to get my voice singing everyday again.  How much did I lose by not singing for a week?  How much did I regress and what progress did I miss out on?  These are good questions, and I feel guilty and unsettled to have gone so long without singing.  Well, I sang along with the Bruno Mars and Sara Bareilles my ipod played during the 12 hours of driving, but that doesn’t truly count. [Side note: I noticed how singing in my middle voice for popular music was a breeze and felt great, but it’s the same register that gives me trouble in my classical singing.  Some cross-over experimenting will occur over the next few days as I try to apply the ease of support and flow from popular music to my practicing.

I was approved for a one bedroom apartment this morning, so the hunt is over.  My move-in date isn’t until next weekend, though, which means I have a week of free time.  By “free time” I really mean there’s plenty for me to do – like get to know the neighborhood, study for my diagnostic exams, practice – but no set schedule to keep me in line.  In order to stay productive and to get all the above done, I have to put myself on a schedule and tell myself it’s an official schedule.  Otherwise, I take the path of least resistance and spend the entire day inside, sleeping, eating, reading, and catching up on all the shows I haven’t watched in about 4 months.  This feels great to my mind and body (which have been been running non-stop), but it’s not great for being a soprano.

Proposed Schedule, effective tomorrow:

Schedule parameters – must go to bed by midnight and get up by 8 AM (otherwise this schedule is doomed before it even gets a chance because I’m a night owl who stays up until 3 AM if no one stops me). Also, this schedule will probably be slightly different 3 days out of the weekbecause I want to insert yoga back into my life.

  • 8-9 AM – wake up, have breakfast, and appreciate life
  • 9-10:30 AM – study Music History
  • 10:30-11 AM – watch youtube clips/listen to music and warm up voice
  • 11-12 PM – work on a project (such as thank you presents/cards, writing for this blog, downloading music, organizing the contacts in my phone)
  • 12-1 PM – lunch
  • 1-2:30 PM – practice (focusing on Met 5 + Mozart for ASU opera auditions)
  • 2:30-4 PM – study Music Theory
  • 4-6 PM – errands and city exploration, rewards for being so good all day!
  • 6-7 PM – dinner


One response to “No more playing hooky; time to be a soprano again

  1. Way to be so productive (even if just ideally for now)!! best of luck with that!

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