No rest for the wicked.

… Or is there no rest for the weary?

Despite my lack if Internet-presence over the past few weeks, yes, I’m still alive! The 12-hour days, a clunky laptop, and fear of exceeding my phone’s data plan kept me quiet. The iPad suddenly seemed so sleek and convenient, but I’ll do my best to fight the urge.

BASOTI came to a close just yesterday, and I’ve had a grand total of 24 hours with my family before taking the next step in my adventurous journey.

Part of my brain is reeling from the fact that BASOTI is actually over, and part of it is still mulling over new ideas and information. I took copious notes, and will type-up and organize them to be posted here.

But first, I need a few hours of sleep before heading out to Arizona tomorrow morning. I’ll make a brief one-night stop in San Diego along the way, but I’m trying to beat a couple of clocks: school starts in mid-August, and I’d like to find and move into an apartment by then. Also, I don’t want to pay for another month of storage. And while I look for an apartment, I’m house- and dog-sitting for a friend… So I better make it to her place for before she heads to Alaska!

More BASOTI-related musings to come! And hopefully very ecstatic posts about the drive being safe and fun, and apartments being beautiful and easy to obtain.

3 responses to “No rest for the wicked.

  1. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaattt??? Leaving already?!?!?! I didn’t even get to see you!!!!! :[

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