Parting is sweet sorrow. Packing is just torture.

Still singing about an hour a day, but my practice is limited (and distracted) by the technicalities and details of packing and moving.  Yikes. What an unpleasant experience.  It makes me long for a minimalist lifestyle.  I now also fear the day I’ll have to move an entire house rather than a townhouse shared with two roommates.

How is it my closet felt too small but is a nightmare to pack?  What shift in the Earth’s rotation leaves me with nothing to wear one day and everything to fold and find a place for the next day?  I love the concept of saying goodbye to an item if I haven’t worn, used, touched, looked at, or thought about it in more than six months – but this is hard to implement when I wonder how my tiny teaching stipend will cover the cost of replacing it if I need it in the future.  Several old t-shirts used this strategy to successfully reinvent themselves as workout gear.

After some coaching from my roommate and my boyfriend, I have six bags/boxes of clothes and shoes to be donated.  I was also able to part with roughly 14 lbs of old papers and documents.  What I wasn’t able to streamline was my music library.  Perhaps this means I’m more a musician than a shopping-addict or pack-rat!  I still have some sheet music from my high school days.  Honestly, do I really need this arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner” as performed by Boyz II Men?  If I were truly, ruthlessly Zen, my future packing-and-unpacking projects would be so manageable.

I can’t wait for this move to be over.  Someone (probably a neighbor) taped a mean, albeit unofficial, note to my storage/moving container.  Despite its lack of polish and professionalism, it effectively upped my anxiety level by a factor of five: (in all caps) To whom it may concern, it is against Home Owners’ Association regulations to have a storage container on the property.  Remove this container before you are fined or ticketed.

Really?  I wonder if it was the same neighbor who disliked my rendition of “Caro nome” and yelled at me.  In any case, both my container and my singing will be gone in three days!  I hope they get a good look at my face so they’ll feel silly in about 5-10 years after my career is well underway.

Staying strong (from lifting all those heavy boxes),


2 responses to “Parting is sweet sorrow. Packing is just torture.

  1. I still remember fondly the B2M rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!! I’m pretty sure I still have that somewhere too!!

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